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Royal Scottish Forestry Society



James Hepburne Scott became the 69th President, of the Society, at the Annual Business Meeting held on the 9th May. 


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 It is a huge privilege and a great responsibility to take over the role of President from Pat Hunter- Blair.  This culminated with the outstandingly successful Moffat-based excursion he and his team laid on for us. At the AGM I said that his two years of leadership had been wise, steady, sensitive but determined. On behalf of all our 700-plus members I express profound thanks.  On taking office he chaired a review group of five members which helped him draft a development plan for the Society. This had 19 action points, many of which have been achieved though there is still much work in progress.  The health and well-being of the Society has improved significantly under his presidency.


Most significantly, thanks to a generous donation, we are now able to produce three Journals again and  a substantial cash-flow deficit has been restored to a position of near balance.  But we must improve on this if the Society is to grow and increase its relevance to a new generation of younger members. I am delighted that we now have 13 corporate members and we will work hard to attract more. Suggestions from members will be most welcome.

My appeal to every member if that Your Society Needs You to do your bit in the recruiting drive. As a start, when you receive your green card or e-news of imminent field days please consider bringing a friend who you may then encourage to join. You could also share your Journal with them. These are our best membership benefits.

You will be pleased to know that Cashel is enjoying a renaissance, under the Chairmanship of Syd House and the inspiration of Nander Robertson. Modest income from the hydro plant is proving helpful. Space does not permit me to elaborate here but shortly the Cashel website will be incorporated into this one and you will be able to follow developments.

Finally, I would strongly recommend a visit to Cashel. You will notice some significant improvements. A walk to the top or through the lower paths is a wonderful experience. It is well worth the journey.


James Hepburne Scott

4 June 17