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Royal Scottish Forestry Society

Family membership allows the entire family to enjoy the benefits of full membership. No matter how large your family you are all members. Only one journal per household. Cost per Family £75.  

If you are a UK tax payer, you can make every £1 you give – or have given – worth 25p more, just by telling us.  This is because the government’s Gift Aid scheme allows the RSFS to reclaim tax on donations. This means that you can make an even bigger difference at no extra cost to you!  You can either complete the short Gift Aid Declaration online or download the form and return to the Administrator.


You can give to the Society in two ways: joining as a member and making a donation.


Follow the join now button on the right to find out more.


We would like the Society to live on for another 150 years. We benefit hugely from the goodwill and efforts of our volunteers. Unfortunately, learning and conservation work needs hard cash too. We would be delighted if you would make a contribution to the work of the Society through donation or legacy.